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Xinwei Tang

BFA Interdisciplinary Design

Xinwei Tang Portfolio


Far away flavour
This Multicultural Association of Nova Scotia project was very open-ended and we took full advantage of that fact. We chose to focus on a printed map because it was the strongest component of our original brainstorming.
We wanted to focus our idea around peoples food, we felt that food was the biggest cultural tie individuals had to their home country. There are already so many programs and events focused on food so finding an original idea that incorporated food was difficult. We wanted to provide people with the resources to make their own food in their new city. There are a large collection of ethnic grocery stores in Halifax but no real way of locating all of them easily.

Spider Farm
Spider Farm is designed to be a habitat for the Brazilian wandering spider. The spiders housed on the farm will live in a 30-day rotatable feeding and extraction system that is designed based on their specific living needs. The purpose of this habitat project is to raise, feed, and extract venom from the spiders in order to harvest the chemical PnTx2-6. This chemical is part of a medicinal compound that provides treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED). When comparing this ED treatment to the popular Viagra medication, the proposed compound has no side effects and provides effectiveness for a longer period of time. The country chosen for this treatment is Japan. It has the world’s highest percentage of males suffering from ED. The farm is located in Konohana ward, which is an artificial island 5.7 km away from the main industrial area of Osaka. Locating the farm on an island will prevent the spiders spreading to the mainland, if they were to escape from the habitat and farm facility.

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