NSCAD Graduation Catalogue


Weiyi Liu

Master of Design


Because of research that reflected that most students get lost in buildings when they first arrived in campus at Dalhousie University, I decided to create a video to help students find their way around the university. Areas explored include the faculties and departments, residences and amenities. My thought was to to make learning and living easier for new students when they start their studies. The virtual map on the website is the most effective way to help because it is interactive and can assist whether the student is on campus or off.
At the first, I calculated all of buildings in Studley, Sexton, and Carleton campuses that are located in Halifax. Then, I accounted for information about living, learning, and services to match in each building. Next, I selected 36 buildings in three campuses, which would be used and layered on more services. Lastly, I designed a map based on Dalhousie’s campus map on website, which includes each Faculty and department and services and amenities in each building. Finally, I chose to create a video to promote this design project and guide students on how to use this virtual map, which is the best solution to finding their way around campus.