NSCAD Graduation Catalogue


Warren Jones

BDes Interdisciplinary Design

This is my Story Nova Scotia Portfolio


Collaborators Letitia Calver, Foad Makki, Sara Panchaud

 The Multicultural Association of Nova Scotia (MANS) approached our design studio class wanting to create a campaign that would encourage the acceptance of newcomers and immigrants into the province, with an outcome of making them feel like less of an outlier within the community. We developed a campaign titled This is My Story Nova Scotia that focused on approaching a wide range of newcomers, and engaging in conversation with them in hopes that they would share both good and bad experiences within the province, as well as use us as a vessel for their voices to be heard. We created a temporary chalkboard installation where questions were posed and individuals were able to respond anonymously, leaving a level of comfort to be able to speak their mind. Through the use of social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter we were able to feature those who were comfortable with having their stories shared more publicly. Stickers were placed around the city including a hashtag and a pay it forward action to drive attention toward the campaign.