NSCAD Graduation Catalogue


Stephanie Rybczyn

BFA Textile / Fashion


Grief is so human, so necessary in our experience of emotions and inevitable in our experience of life. It demands the breaking down of all we thought solid, inviting us to clear away those broken pieces and to make room to build them up into something new. Woven cloth can be built up like that experience, creating a shelter for the body that is strong, but becomes tangled and exposed if we reach in and pull from the right place. It is slow, going from comforting to endlessly frustrating and back again, wondering how this is still enduring, how this is still one’s state of mind, how necessary and painful and inescapable it is. And in its own soft, blunt way, it becomes reassuring, a sliver of a place where harsh honesty lies waiting for us to look up and keep moving.

Photographer Alex Chisholm
Model Lux Habrich

 Snatched From the Sea Shore
Snatched From the Sea Shore is a textile interpretation of the dreamlike, whimsical forms of our often forgotten friends, the sea slugs. Nuno felting and pleating were used to create the dense, spacious textiles that drape over each other and take the form of these sea creatures.

Photographer Alex Chisholm
Model Jennifer Dawes

Greif Edited