NSCAD Graduation Catalogue


Selina Latour

BFA Interdisciplinary


Sweater Piece (1 Person)
Sweater Piece (1 Person) is a performance reflecting a feeling of absence drawing from lonely experiences living in a foreign city. I projected this emptiness in the making of an oversized blue sweater, a garment that, to me, holds both a lacking presence and a nostalgic comfort. In stretching, expanding, and burrowing through this garment in various gestures, the sweater develops a life in its own, becoming a warm covering that facilitates my movement.

Scan Piece
Scan Piece is a video work inspired by post-internet art. Upon looking at definitions of public and private strata, I grew inspired by the act of scanning: transforming physical material into digital information that exists only through pixelation on a computer screen. In also exploring the ways in which I form my identity through the act of layering, scan piece documents the process of peeling off those tangible layers to reveal private strata.

Dustless Quotations
dustless quotations is a 2 channel video installation showing the act of wiping, peeling, scrubbing and scratching at the skin on my back. dustless quotations evokes notions of physicality and presence and asks: what does it mean to be dustless – to have no residue of our bodies left in the spaces we occupy?