NSCAD Graduation Catalogue


Scott Kedy

BFA Fine Art

Minor in Art History


Deep are we now, immersed in the fast flowing currents of the information age. Solids converted into numbers, digital codes translated into materiality, infinity becomes assumed and the artist’s multiple is revolutionized in ones and zeroes.

My studies are of form, figure and symbol as they move unapologetically between the corporeal and ethereal. It is how these elements transform that beckons my fascination, and pushes me to develop an aesthetic that both alienates and fuses my subject matter with its environment.

Digital sculpting, 3D-printing and screen printing are ways to remove ideas from their digital landscape and re-contextualize them with material properties; while sculpting, drawing, photography and 2D and 3D-scanning help take material creations and embed them in digital landscapes. These art forms allow for both mechanical and expressive ways of representation while also appealing to my interests in ideas of multiplicity and infinity.

3KedySmicro_system2 (detail)