NSCAD Graduation Catalogue


Nicholas Patzelt

BFA Fine Art

Minor in Illustration 


I consider myself a modern iteration of the travelling bard, collecting and retelling the stories of those I meet. I use painting to explore the concept of the individual while telling stories of everyday life. I collaborate with my peers by sharing past experiences and incorporating elements of their personalities into my work. As part of my painting process, I use sculpture to create theatrical props that aid in my storytelling. I often incorporate whimsical or uncanny elements into my work, as well as visual cues taken from modern media. My most recent series combines mask making and figure painting to visually represent my friends’ personal narratives. The pieces bring to life unseen elements of each individual’s psyche and question the ways in which we perceive ourselves and others

Patzelt, Nicholas edited


Images courtesy of Anna Leonowens Gallery, photographer Erica Flake