NSCAD Graduation Catalogue


Morgan Moss

BFA Photography

Minor in Art History


Self Portrait
When creating this piece, it had started out simply as experimentation. It grew however, to a fragmented and disjointed self portrait created by the use of manipulation. Double exposures were always been something I was curious about and wanted to experiment with. Not having a camera that allows me to do such things, I took to exploring it in post production. This image is a combination of four separate images that I used to create the single photo you see.  While it is a self portrait it is a self portrait that is broken up and unclear. This not only relates to me but to most people; our lives are never a perfect picture, they’re messy, complicated and intertwined. 

The Power of the iPhone
For this set of photographs I spent the time exploring the overwhelming amount of photographs we take with our phones and how we take one picture and forget about it. With this series I documented close up, macro shots and detailed shots of the things around me. So often we don’t see what is going on around us and only look at the bigger picture. I was able to stop and pay attention to all the little details of our everyday possessions, the dust bunnies that hide in the corners of our rooms and the details of something so trivial as a person’s shirt. With this technique I was able to create a large series of photographs that highlight all those little details.