NSCAD Graduation Catalogue


Malory Tate

BFA Ceramics



Still Life in Real Time
My interest lies in the things in our lives that enrich us; things that we collect and arrange that hold personal meaning. My piece, still life in real time, is an exploration that captures a fleeting moment of everyday life. My intention is to use seasonal, local foods and flowers and the vessels that hold them to symbolize the importance of our most intimate daily rituals. Also, in highlighting this, it acts as a rejection against industrialization and mass produced consumption, which empties us of our personal identity and brands us as being all the same. I am focused on the importance of how these everyday rituals must be celebrated by using objects of quality that allow individual identity to be elevated beyond their basic actions.   

Two Tulipieres
Inspired by 17th Century Dutch Delftware Tulipieres (Tulip Vases), my sculptural vessels deal with commemorative themes of loss and memory, using universal symbols embedded with personal narrative. Fascinated with Historical ceramic objects that have now become obsolete, I explore recreating a contemporary context for their specific functions.


Photographer Haley McPhee-Fresia