NSCAD Graduation Catalogue


Laurel Helen Rennie

BFA Interdisciplinary


Fold is a handwoven and hand-dyed blanket. Sections of colour indicate common fold lines and ways the cloth will be moved. It exists as both an ephemeral and useful object, displaying the way in which textiles are simultaneously functional, beautiful, and ritual.

Scrolls 1 + 2
Scrolls 1 + 2 are long tapestries that speak to the ongoing language and symbols found in textile objects. For those working with or living with textiles, the reoccurring patterns are a hidden language that persists through continued interaction and investigation. With Scrolls 1 + 2, I am making my commitment to this language in a time of image frenzy and over-saturation. It is a commitment to a language that means patience and time.

1RennieLfold01 (edited)
RENNIE Edited-3
Version 2
RENNIE Edited-2
RENNIE Edited-4