NSCAD Graduation Catalogue


Kira Wigg

BFA Fine Art

Kira Wigg Illustration Portfolio


I am fascinated by the religions around the world, the imagery they use and the histories behind their rites and rituals. While I am not religious myself I enjoy researching religious iconography and using that knowledge within my work. I also use the information I find to help create my own “religions” within my work and more specifically within each piece. I spend a great deal of time picking out images to include and imagining what role they would play within their realms. Once I have the imagery and characters selected I often refer to illuminated manuscripts and create a space for them to dwell in, being careful to make sure they are well balanced and in harmony with one another.
My work is very centered around plants and animals as I have a real love for nature and the outdoors. I enjoy including animals that can have a religious context but they do not, in my mind, need to be thought of only in that light. While creating the work I tend to give them their own relations to each other and the elements surrounding them within the drawing. That being said, I want people to be able to read their own stories within my work, imagining their own religious or even agnostic practices behind each element. I may have created the work with one concept behind it but I want the viewer to be able to create their own.

01 Wigg, Kira LR
02 Wigg Kira Edited

Images courtesy of Anna Leonowens Gallery, photographer Erica Flake