NSCAD Graduation Catalogue


Kate Grey

BFA Ceramics

Minor in Art History



 Scar Tissue
“Scar Tissue” is a video performance of a self portrait porcelain clay bust being mutilated by my own hands. In the video, the bust looks blankly into the camera as my slip (liquid clay) covered hands begin to slowly distort the face. By the end of the video the face has entirely been torn off of the head, leaving an empty space where a portrait once existed.

Throughout the video there is a slight confusion of whether or not the hands are coming from the bust or from an external force. Is she doing this to herself or is someone doing this to her? The confusion created by this act is to reference the discomfort felt in psychological trauma, unable to find the distinction between someone harming you or you harming yourself. The video also references the more unsettling nature of trauma in which a person compulsively inflicts pain and damage to themselves as a result of past suffering.

“Scar Tissue” is an acknowledgement of the frustrating and exhausting cycle of mental injury.

Photographer Frankie Macaulay


Kate Grey
Kate Grey
Kate Grey
Kate Grey
Kate Grey



Object Defining
“Object Defining” is an image projection of myself onto ceramic tiles. I photographed myself representing three different historical styles of ceramic decoration. The teapot is the form I chose to produce to make connections to tea trade and traditional household items that are gendered primarily to woman. I then use absurd makeup techniques and materials to create a comparison between ceramic ornamentation and makeup enhancement.

(Left to Right) “Blue and White” is wearing face paint with ribbons in her hair, “Decals” is wearing temporary tattoos, and “Luster” is wearing micro nontoxic embossing powder, glitter with ribbons in her hair.

In each image I am wearing a ceramic headband in the shape of an English style teapot as I have colonial heritage, and have wrapped my hair around the headband to then turn my head into the shape of a teapot.