NSCAD Graduation Catalogue


Kaas Ghanie

BFA Ceramics

Minor in Art History


Raised in a Muslim family adhering to traditional religious values, my current practice investigates succinct personal connections as the vessels themselves “stand in” as reiterations of this intimate history. Religious, familial experiences expressed in the work use interpretive forms of traditional Islamic vessels, dressed here with symbolic or coded references. Although the whole series was directly motivated by Islamic art, culture and identity, these specific vessels avoid highly legible, descriptive narratives and obviously stylized figuration.

3Ghanie – K – My Jar
1Ghanie – K – My Jar
2Ghanie – K – My Jar
Ghanie – K – No
1Ghanie – K – Nostalgia Gone
2Ghanie – K – Nostalgia Gone


Images courtesy of Anna Leonowens Gallery, photographer Jordan Blackburn