NSCAD Graduation Catalogue


Jordan Blackburn

BFA Interdisciplinary

Minor in Art History



Toile #1
Many of the ideas I choose to explore are drawn from the tensions of modern life that have been present since the onset of industrialization in the 19th century. The human desire for individuality and the simultaneous desire to be a part of something larger than ourselves is an example of one of these tensions and it is present throughout most of my artwork. Identifying sociological patterns is another big part of my artistic process and over the past six months has been reflected literally as various patterned works. This piece is a contemporary response to a rich history of ornament and surface design. While developing imagery, I was interested in the ways that patterned wallpaper may function as both decorative and critical; and the ways that potentially grotesque imagery may appear to the viewer initially as light and pleasant décor. The work is intended to subvert the typically intimate and private nature of patterned wallpaper and its connection to histories of ornament, class distinction, and luxury.



Wave #4
As a surfer my relationship with the ocean has been formed through my interactions with waves. These waves have offered me opportunities to experience the same feelings of triumph and defeat that I have experienced through any of my greatest moments of achievement or failure and have offered me countless opportunities to open myself up to my surroundings. Through these interactions, the ocean has taught me how to be humble, how to be present and mindful, how to make do with the skills, tools, or materials I have during any particular moment, how to expand boundaries, and how to be patient.

Since its creation, this print has become more than just a printed portrait of a fictitious wave, it has become a symbol of the transformative qualities of visceral experiences.