NSCAD Graduation Catalogue


Jolee Smith

BFA Interdisciplinary



As a multimedia installation collaboration, we draw on skills from our distinct backgrounds as a fine artist/craftsperson and creative technologist, producing work that integrates our disciplines. “Fundamentals” is a metaphor for the deconstruction/reconstruction of identity. Within this work, we consider the cultural hegemony of gender roles as rigid albeit fragile structures, exploring how they might be shattered by a series of misalignments and formative events. The outcome is the reforming of these broken structures into a fluid, oscillating and self-aware identity that refers to it’s origins. The carnivalesque is referenced for it’s connection to the performative schism of reality. Our experiences, like the carnival participator, challenge us to reevaluate our conception of stagnant truth.

Collaborator: Devin Horsman

1 Smith, Jolee edited _-2
1 Smith, Jolee edited _