NSCAD Graduation Catalogue


Johana Cordero

BFA Textiles / Fashion



Johana Cordero is a textile and clothing designer living in Toronto and is a graduate of the BFA Textile program at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.Born in Colombia, she grew up in a vibrant mountainous landscape and surrounded by the energy of South American culture. Her work stems from a desire to create beautiful textile pieces that embrace the traditional techniques of craft. She combines natural dyes, silk screen techniques, weaving, embroidery, and beading in her work. In her spare time she enjoys working with community theatres, creating the garments for each production.


“Agua” is an exploration of scale and texture using dyeing techniques, and weaving. Using an earth clay resist on a cotton warp the threads are dipped in an indigo bath to create a faded blue ombre. The piece is woven with a bamboo and wool indigo dyed weft, a large scale pattern is used to contrast and texturize the dyed background.

Cordero Negro
Cordero Negro’s clothing collection for men and women is a line focused on the individual. Each look combines modern silhouettes with different techniques of fabric manipulation, lending quiet detail to bolder shapes. The garments are meant to embody quality for the wearer without the optics of extravagance.

Photographer Alex Chisholm
Model Jolee Smith