NSCAD Graduation Catalogue


Jessica Godin

BFA Fine Art

Minor in Drawing 



As an artist I am inspired by colour and space. In my work I construct my own spaces, by taking references from landscape and architectural forms and simplifying them to their basic elements, and then reinterpret them using brush marks. I then take these broken pieces and reassemble them into new configurations in order to have the relationships between colour and mark begin to form a dialogue with each other and the viewer. I enjoy exploring how different nuances of colour can impact how an image is perceived.

In this painting I am interested in the relation of paint with the surface of the canvas itself, and with the edge of the frame. I also am exploring how variations of the same colour relate to one another, and against different chroma.

01 Godin, Jessica edited   

Ball 1
In this painting I was interested in speaking about the frame of a painting and the relationship between figure and ground. I am particularly interested in the edge of a painting and how it is spoken about.



Ball 2
In this painting I was interested in exploring the relationship between figure and ground and the edge of a painting. Here I wanted the ground and figure to be ambiguous, as passages of colour alternate between the foreground and background.