NSCAD Graduation Catalogue


Jess Naish-Lingley

BFA Fine Art

Modular Creativity Portfolio


My practice is informed by my love of saturated colour combined with nostalgia around my upbringing on cartoons, comics & pop culture. Trying to reconcile this nostalgia with the responsibilities of being an adult leaves me with many questions and troubled dreams. Through a technicolour wonderland of the senses, I celebrate the beautiful and the strange, painting whimsical portraits over bizarre dreamscapes. My intention is to combine oil painting techniques and the graphic qualities of illustration through surreal portraiture. I jump around between journals and sketchbooks, filled with ideas that I bring to life on paper, on canvas, and digitally. Painting, both with oils and using my digital tablet, allow me to apply layer after layer of revision and rendering to these pieces, and to also focus on intricate details, giving the subjects character and depth. I’m concerned primarily with representational painting, especially the figure. The face, its expressions and adornment, captivate me; portraiture is a vessel for me to explore emotions and the psyche through a cast of characters. Along with smoothing out the finer details of a piece, I also take interest in emphasizing an environment of ambiguity. As I get further into the painting process, each piece becomes a world that I’m immersed in. My hope is that my viewers also feel this way, and choose to follow along.

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Photographer Tim Lingley