NSCAD Graduation Catalogue


Jenna Desson

BFA Fine Art

Minor in Art History

Jenna Desson Portfolio


The drawings seen within this series were created in order to experience a greater knowledge of the expressions that can be formed through simple actions of human lips. The lips drawn were intended to play off various actions that people act on a day to day basis, such as how formations of the tongue and lips create specific sounds, how expressions can change from other senses like smell, and how the lips form when reacting to touch. The main goal of these works were to challenge myself into creating drawings that are based on human interactions from everyday situations whether it be speech, or relations with something as simple as a finger brushing against ones mouth. The mouths drawn are dominated with dark, bold lines created by using charcoal and conte that accentuate the simplicity of each individual set of lips. These drawings were originally created consecutively to learn the basics behind the individualistic characters of lips, but as each drawing was created, diverse meanings grew behind them allowing other projects that are more controlled and complicated to develop.

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