NSCAD Graduation Catalogue


Hildur M H Jónasson

Visual Arts Certificate in Studio: Printmaking


The ghost
In The ghost, I investigate history, folklore, mythology, and environmental issues of my birthplace, Iceland. The disappearing landscape of melting glaciers takes global warming to a personal level as I mourn the loss of a land that makes up the cultural fabric of a place where my roots lie. It is a reminder of impermanence and fleeting time.

Black Island
This is a typical island from my place of birth, Iceland. I was remembering a body of islands from Breiðafjörður, a fjord I’ve visited many times. This black volcanic rock island with it’s shimmering reflection on the fjord stood like an imposing Richard Serra sculpture floating out on the sea. Erik the Red started his voyage here to establish a Nordic settlement in Greenland. A few years later, around 1000 AD, his son Leif Erikson became the first European to step foot on North American soil.

Snowball is an abstracted photo-based image of a particular tea light holder that can be found throughout many Scandinavian households. This art glass celebrates winter and emits a magical light that is refracted through the textured glass. By composing and abstracting the image towards a “scape”, I am strongly reminded of winter celebrations in Iceland where overly large bonfires burn on New Years’ Eve and the hidden people are celebrated well into the night.