NSCAD Graduation Catalogue


Haven Havok

BFA Interdisciplinary


Feminism is an undeniable force in my life, an always-growing need to join others in the fight for equality. I use eye-catching materials particular to the modern era to draw attention to historic inequalities and lost wisdoms held by feminine and/or queer minds. Fluorescent and iridescent paints, as well as glitters resembling precious metals are my nod to the Renaissance practice of using the richest materials, like gold leaf and lapis lazuli, for images of religious importance. With this treatment, I can raise my subjects to a semi-spiritual level.

High or over-exaggerated contrast of tones, optical blending, loose brushstrokes and a strong sense of light are key in my approach to painting. The unreal, given away by the brushstrokes, and real, as suggested by the convincing depiction of light, create a magnetism that both repels and attracts. As I move forward in painting, I aim to harness experiences, research and skills to deliver powerful messages not only about the past and present challenges faced in a stubbornly patriarchal world, but also of the potential for a more livable, respectful and cooperative future.