NSCAD Graduation Catalogue


Hannah Preston

BFA Interdisciplinary

Craftisan Weave Co Portfolio


I developed a passion for Weaving after producing my first woven sample at NSCAD, I loved the creative control the loom allows me to have. Shape, surface pattern and functionality has always appealed to me and has led me to develop my hand-made weaving business. I particularly love a products form and function and I’m fascinated by classic designs that can be adapted to a more contemporary setting. I believe my new scarf line for Crafitsan Weave Co, encompasses all of my influences. I had only been weaving for a few weeks at NSCAD, when I was inspired to buy my first full sized Loom. The control of the whole manufacturing process of a woven product is the first thing that attracted me and has now led to my passion and ultimately my new business venture. Weaving allows me to make practical distinctive products with a bespoke design element that makes them perfect for gift giving. I plan to further develop my products by offering new stylish, personally tailored scarf lines, hand made in Nova Scotia using traditional techniques.

Photographer Alex Chrisholm

Preston, Hannah, Scarf 2 (edited LR)
Scarfs (edited)-4
Scarfs (edited)-3