NSCAD Graduation Catalogue


Frankie Macaulay

BFA Photography



Chakra Series: Sacral
Spirituality and meditation are explored in Chakra Series through seven black and white composite photographs that correspond with the seven chakras. The chakras are often symbolically represented by the lotus flower, each with a set number of pedals. During meditation, specific hand gestures and visual aids (the lotus flower, mandalas and geometrical shapes) are used to evoke and energize the chakras. The photographs combine these methods of meditation by arranging the hand gestures as lotus flowers. Incorporating the masculine and feminine energies associated with each chakra, both male and female hands are present in the series.

Tree Versus: Fern Lane
Tree Versus is a site-specific outdoor photographic installation located throughout the trails of Sir Sandford Fleming Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia. The installation is a multisite art scavenger hunt that can be experienced by following the marked orange trail, by locating the coordinates listed at frankiemacaulay.ca, or by happenstance.

Along a trail hidden from the main path there are eight black and white aluminum photographs that portray urban trees intersecting with human-made objects. In direct contrast to the freely growing park trees, these photographs act as metaphors to illustrate how nature endures, adapts, and reacts to human impositions; from fences, bolts and chains to full scale urban development.

This project was generously funded by NSCAD University’s Reznick Family Student Creativity Award.

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