NSCAD Graduation Catalogue


Emma Piirtoniemi

BFA Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing

Minor in Art History


Contemporary jewellery practice engages me through the multiple layers of interpretation it can ignite. Each context charges the work with new meaning, from the intimacy of the wearer’s perspective to the detachment and sterility of the gallery setting. Working in wearable scale is a complex but rewarding task. I create finely made, highly tactile pieces that have the potential to be worn, held, and cherished. With this in mind during the making process, I weigh the smallest detail as equally as the overall form that the work takes. My current body of jewellery work focuses on the idea of the unattainable space, dramatizing the difference between what is on the surface and what lies beneath. I use acrylic as the principal material, manipulating it by using techniques such as carving, heat forming, lathing, and drilling. Through these methods, I create pieces whose inner spaces of beauty are visible through the transparent acrylic but are ultimately untouchable. My work is intended to highlight sensuality through tactility and form and continually draw the eye inward, triggering feelings of desire and curiosity.

Photographer Ryan Bruce (image one)
Photographer Grace Laemmler (image 3–5)