NSCAD Graduation Catalogue


Dominique Hurst

BFA Fine Art

Minor in Art History


The possibility of non-linear narratives (fragmented into passing instances) proposes the examination of the ever-present moments of the mundane, the quiet, the lived and the subtly encountered. In this way, by presenting the sphere of life through the linguistics of paint and drawing and utilizing a variety of meticulous and controlled sections of applications and a strongly conscious use of framing, I hope to take on an understanding which considers spaces as active agents in the way we go about. These are not merely artificial environments, sets or stages, but rather they contain meaning through the lived experiences and relations of the people who inhabit them. Basing off my own daily encounters and sourcing from my drawings, writings, observations and photographs, my process in turn utilizes these experiences as research in documenting. Not dissimilar from the impressionist idea of the “flâneur”, an observer and wanderer of familiar and constructed spaces, the result is specifically personal, yet openly tangible.