NSCAD Graduation Catalogue


Ashley Pincock

BDes Interdisciplinary Design

Minor in Illustration


A self portrait emphasizing my internal struggle with the person I am and the person I want to be. The reflection staring back at me is not my own, yet we are one in the same. She is a persona of all my flaws, all my strength, all my determined stubbornness and idealistic hope. I stare down to see a version of myself that is vibrant and full of life. I lay defeated and frustrated at not being able to break through the barrier separating us, I remain dull and lifeless. She is me but she isn’t and never will be.



Budget Bag
Ashley Pincock, Nicholas Hanlon, Melissa Harrish, Letita Calver
This project was done in cooperation with the Food Action Research Centre and The Boardroom Game Cafe. The Design Studio 4 class at NSCAD University was tasked with redesigning an exercise developed by FoodARC, in which the goal was to budget through a month so you could afford to buy nutritious food. The challenge was to design an educational game that will raise awareness about food security in new and creative ways. Through visual and physical representations, the board game acts as a tool to provide awareness and encourage changes within Nova Scotia.