NSCAD Graduation Catalogue


Angela Henderson

MFA Fine and Media Arts


Untitled (3) is one in a series of bass wood models that articulate fragments of time and the gesture of labour. The provisional language of the model suggests the production of space while their form is taken from charts and graphs used in market analysis. There is no proposition of habitable space and we see only excerpts of a system that enable development.

1 sq ft sanded for 3 minutes
9 sq ft  is an act of commemoration and an attempt to archive the temporal space of artistic production. The nine images in the series are the result of excavating the floor of my studio space using the subtractive process of sanding. Each year the floor is painted over to make way for incoming artists, covering over layers of paint and materials used by artists previously working in the space. Using an orbital sander, I removed layers of paint from the floor, each excavation taking place in a set amount of time within the boundaries of a steel stencil measuring one square foot. Like an archaeological dig, the act of sanding reveals remnants of the past. Each time the stencil was relocated and the floor sanded, a new image was revealed. The act of erasure present in the work is not an act of removal, but a cumulative act of determining the value of artistic labour and cultural history. Confronting the physical space of the studio through the architectural element of the floor engages with the symbolic language of a foundation. By unearthing or excavating this foundation, the work reveals the relationship between economic and social value contained within the built environment.

1 Henderson, Angela stairs edited