NSCAD Graduation Catalogue


Alicia Tyson

Master of Design



Yogi Tea Rattles
In our second project for Graduate Design Studio 2 (MDes 6600) with Professor Rudi Meyer, we explored mediums of communication. We were asked to make a record of a process in one sensory medium and then to translate that process into another sensory medium. As much of the original communication was to be maintained.
I chose to translate my process of making yogi tea of which consists of gathering six ingredients, each with specific quantities. The recipe includes 10 whole cloves, 12 black pepper corns, 16 whole cardamom pods, two sticks of cinnamon, two inches of sliced fresh ginger and one star anise. The sensory mediums engaged at this stage were sight, smell, touch and taste. For this project I chose to translate my yogi tea recipe into sound through a pair of percussion instruments known as rattles or shakers.


Activate Granville Mall
In our first project for Graduate Design Studio 2 (MDes 6600) with Professor Rudi Meyer, we were challenged to ‘activate” Granville Mall. Through research we observed the public space in how it was used, the condition it was in and then started conceptualizing new ideas.
Through a series of exercises including technical orthogonal drawings, photography, sketching and digital design, we explored the various stages of the design process and eventually settling upon a final design.
My final concept was to celebrate the artistic component that NSCAD University represented, bringing the rich and diverse art out of NSCAD and into the mall. Thus a sculpture garden was proposed. The garden could be experienced on the ground level or through the proposed tree-house aquarium and forest. The natural elements tie Granville Mall to the ocean and the wonderful landscapes in and around Halifax.

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