NSCAD Graduation Catalogue




The annual NSCAD University Graduation Exhibition is the largest display of undergraduate and graduate work at one time.  For the last ten years the gallery has selected a curatorial intern to coordinate this amazing display of the diverse talent of our graduating students.

In addition to the exhibition, a design student is selected to design and publish the corresponding exhibition catalogue. Working with a budget they generate a perfect bound, 120+ page, full colour catalogue of which every graduating student receives one copy.

The NSCAD University Graduation Exhibition and Catalogue is one of the most anticipated events of the year attracting over 1000 visitors. 


Dianne Taylor-Gearing
NSCAD University

Dear Graduate,

The decision you made to come to NSCAD was a decision to take the road “less traveled by,” knowing it wouldn’t always be easy. At NSCAD, students navigate the labyrinthine hallways and secret stairwells—passageways that literally turn you around and figuratively divert you from your original ideas. NSCAD is all about letting your curiosity take you where it may; to discovering your true path while being open to the diversions.

NSCAD student Grace Laemmler evokes the NSCAD journey in all its complexity with a cover design that is simple and understated. It was exciting to meet with her back in January to hear her concepts for the design and then to see everything come together over these past few months.

The graduation catalogue is a wonderful project for Grace and for all of you whose work is contained between these covers. I know I will appreciate this book for many, many years in the future, recalling your work and being amazed anew at what you have accomplished. Congratulations all!

We’re going to miss you here at NSCAD, but you’re part of the NSCAD family now—a wide-ranging network of NSCAD alumni who’ll think fondly of gatherings at the Art Bar, openings at the Anna Leonowens Gallery and all-nighters in the studio. And like family, you’re welcome home anytime. This is your place, your university, and it always will be, so stay connected.

Warm and sincere best wishes,

Professor Dianne Taylor-Gearing
President, NSCAD University

To those of us who spend our days (and nights) navigating the winding halls of the Fountain Campus, echoing through the expanses of the Port or sequestered up the hill at Academy, it is no secret that NSCAD is unlike any other institution. We owe this individuality not only to the buildings that host us or the inter-disciplinary structure that pushes us toward broader, more complex practices, but the talented and intelligent students that choose NSCAD as their home and community to grow, explore and cultivate their practice. NSCAD draws to its doors an exceptional group of politically engaged, unrelenting idealists who persistently participate in shaping a community grounded in inclusivity, diversity, accessibility and radical acceptance.

Being given the opportunity to curate the 2016 Graduation Exhibition at the Anna Leonowens Gallery has shown me how resilient and tenacious the students of NSCAD truly are. Faced with daunting deadlines, creative failures and moments of internal contention, NSCAD students consistently carry on, committed to their practices and letting their passions and intense focus drive them to produce the work I have the honour of curating today. Displaying the works of more than 80 artists the 2016 Graduation Exhibition is a concise vision of the breadth of talented students whose time at NSCAD has come to an end. It is the result of the combined efforts of our remarkable students, our committed instructors and our endlessly generous mentors, without whom NSCAD would be merely a shell of what it is today.

I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to the class of 2016 and thank you for giving us your time, your sweat, your brain power and likely more than a few of your tears; its not always been easy but it was most certainly worth it. May you remember this place fondly as you continue to share your incredible strengths with us and with the world!


Brea McAllister
Exhibition Curator
2016 Graduation Exhibition


Grace Laemmler
Designer and Coordinator
2016 Graduation Catalogue

The many creative personalities of NSCAD are reflective of the unique work spaces throughout this university. In these spaces we begin to experiment, challenge and test art in many different ways. This is where we grow and develop into the people we are today, ready to take the next step into the creative world beyond the campus walls. NSCAD’s complex interior is reflective of how we learn and of our experiences here.

The embossed lines on the cover are derived from overlapping the floor plans of the three NSCAD campuses. The arrangement of these lines and spaces signify the unique and intricate interiors we navigate on a daily basis. The many twists and turns we encounter enrich our experience.

The tactility of this catalogue cover was created to allow students to recall these unique emotions and reflect on their time here. The engagement we have with the material we work with is integral to the direction of our artistic process. It is this touch that will guide us through the hidden obstacles and uncertainty of our future beyond graduation.

This enriching environment has been exciting, challenging and fulfilling. I am honored to create a catalogue that represents so many talented NSCAD graduates and I wish each one of you the best of luck as you take your first steps beyond our doors.



Thank you to all the people who were a part of this exciting adventure in making this 2016 publication a success. To President Dianne Taylor-Gearing, Marilyn Smulders, University Relations, and all departments and faculty for their support and cooperation. To Melanie and Kate for their passion and honesty. It is a joy to be a part of this empowering atmosphere. To May for your critical feedback and dedication. To Mike from Halcraft Printers Inc. for your expertise in print production and generosity in sharing your knowledge. To Erica for her photographic documentation of artwork and Jeff from the NSCAD Print Shop for internal print production.



The Graduation Catalogue and Exhibition are sponsored by:
Garrison Breweries
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