NSCAD Graduation Catalogue




The annual NSCAD University Graduation Exhibition is the largest display of undergraduate and graduate work at one time.  For the last nine years the gallery has selected a curatorial intern to coordinate this amazing display of the diverse talent of our graduating students.

In addition to the exhibition, a design student is selected to design and publish the corresponding exhibition catalogue. Working with a budget they generate a perfect bound, 120+ page, full colour catalogue of which every graduating student receives one copy.

The NSCAD University Graduation Exhibition and Catalogue is one of the most anticipated events of the year attracting over 1000 visitors. 


Dianne Taylor-Gearing
NSCAD University

Dear Graduate,

Are you ready? In sitting down to write this foreword to the 2015 Graduation Catalogue,
I thought about how I felt when I was in your position on the cusp of graduating from art school.

It was an exciting time but I was full of apprehension too. Was I ready? There was still so much more I wanted to learn and explore in my practice and, in many ways, it felt like I was just getting started, working long hours in the studio along with my peers and rising to the challenges posed by my profs.

You may have the same question, but rest assured, I was ready and you will be too. The creative talent that brought you here to NSCAD along with an art school education gives you so much more than you may immediately realize: perseverance, ingenuity, resourcefulness and the willingness to take risks. You’re well equipped to take the next step.

We’re going to miss you here at NSCAD, but you’re part of the NSCAD family now—a worldwide network of NSCAD alumni who think fondly on our labyrinthine hallways, the squares of cheese at Anna Leonowens Gallery openings and all-nighters in the studio. And like family, you’re welcome home anytime. This is your place, your university, and it always will be, so stay connected.

Congratulations on your accomplishments — you are ready!

Warm and sincere best wishes,

Professor Dianne Taylor-Gearing
President, NSCAD University

At RBC, we care about investing in the places where we live and work. Our support of the arts has been a long-standing priority as we recognize that the arts play an important role in building vibrant communities and strong economies.

The RBC Emerging Artists Project helps artists bridge the gap from emerging to established, and we look for programs that offer artists mentorship, apprenticeships and exposure to new and diverse audiences through-out their career. A perfect example of this is the NSCAD Graduation Catalogue and Exhibition. We have been pleased to partner with NSCAD on this unique program which gives artists and designers a professional show-case for their work, providing them with a fantastic opportunity to advance their career trajectory.

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2015, and all the best as you embark on what we are confident will be fulfilling and rewarding careers in your chosen art.

Stewart Robinson
VP & Regional Director
Atlantic Canada RBC Dominion Securities


Stewart Robinson
VP & Regional Director
Atlantic Canada
RBC Dominion Securities


Katherine Nakaska
Exhibition Curator
2015 Graduation Exhibition

While maintaining its autonomy for over a century, NSCAD University continues to cultivate strong relationships among its students, staff, alumni, and surrounding community. Through critical self-reflection and constructive criticism, this institution gives emerging artists the tools to find a clear vision of their own artistic integrity.
Our graduates have pursued their aesthetic and academic callings successfully, together coming to an enriched understanding of the complexity of their identities. Encouraging students to channel their inherent creative abilities into structured art practices, the scholars and educators at NSCAD have driven us to connect with our work and our deepest individual selves.

It has been an honour to work closely with my peers and mentors at the Anna Leonowens Gallery while organizing the 2015 Graduation Exhibition. This milestone event showcases the work of over 80 graduating artists, crafters, designers, and academics from Canada and beyond.

My inspiration in curating this exhibition was to emphasize the individuality of each emerging artist by encouraging them to show pieces they feel epitomize their time at NSCAD. Acting as an intermediary for individuals who engage a broad range of disciplines, I have learned that there are endless combinations and narratives to explore between each medium and practice. These connections are metaphors for our own identity and the valuable, collaborative, and long lasting relationships that make NSCAD alive.

I’d like to extend my sincere congratulations to the class of 2015! Thank you for sharing your passion for creativity with each other, and may you continue to share your unique sensibilities with us and the world.

Before looking through a kaleidoscope, the world around you is plain, average and just like everything else you have already seen. But as soon as you look through that lens, everything changes. What was once ordinary transforms into the most vivid and expressive experience
– an experience that just gets better. Every new direction changes our perspective and makes us realize that what we see is more vibrant and brilliant than ever before. Kaleidoscopes show us the colourful potential of what we often dismiss as mundane; just when you think you’ve seen it all, a slight shift changes everything.

Being at NSCAD is like looking through a kaleidoscope. Every deviation in your perspective, beliefs and opinions creates a brilliant vision that continues to grow. Every decision that left you wanting reveals a vibrant outcome as opportunities arise, philosophies change and skills get sharper.

For this year’s cover, I created a visual representation of NSCAD’s kaleidoscope by using the lion statues and a variety of marks. The colours were chosen to represent the diversity of the NSCAD community. Each colour variation creates a triad that links to our motto: head, heart, hand.


Ksenia Azanova
Designer and Coordinator
2015 Graduation Catalogue



Thank you to everyone who has dedicated their time and effort into the success of this publication.

To President Dianne Taylor-Gearing, University Relations, and all departments and faculty for their support and cooperation. Melanie Colosimo and Kate Walchuk for their candour and encouragement. May Chung for her selflessness and attention to detail. Paul Slipp from Studio Rally Productions for his expertise and dedication, and Imprimerie Sociale in Quebec for doing the printing. Jordan Blackburn, Photographer, for his amazing attention to detail during the photographic documentation of artwork. Jeff Wry from the NSCAD Print Shop for internal print production. The NSCAD University 2015 Graduation Catalogue is made possible by the generous support of the RBC Emerging Artists Project.



The Graduation Catalogue and Exhibition are sponsored by:
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